Karrine Steffans Still In Love With Weezy?

Persona Magazine caught up with Karrine Steffans for a steamy interview and a behind-the-scenes look at her cover shoot for Drink, Fuck, Sleep.
The model, turned video chick, turned author has been linked to many actors, ballers and players—many  of whom she confessed to have slept with in her debut tell-all novel Confessions of a Video Vixen.
From looking at the video, the obvious ‘lifted’ Steffans seems to be in a reminiscent state after Monroe asks her of Lil Wayne.
“You love him,” Monroe asked? “Always,” responds Steffans.
Steffans’ proclaims she and Wayne have a connection but when Monroe asks Steffans about her marriage she immediately goes silent.
Steffans is the mother to one child and has had three New York Times best sellers. She was reportedly married to an unknown male in October of last year. –Johnathan Cruse

Source: http://m.vibe.com/post/karrine-steffans-releases-steamy-teaser-drink-fck-sleep-does-she-still-love-weezy-127364


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