Freeway Rick Ross Vs. Ricky Rozay

Rick Ross and former Los Angeles drug kingpin Freeway Rick Ross are locked in a courtroom battle more than the Maybach Music CEO’s moniker. Freeway filed a lawsuit against rapper Rick Ross in the summer season of 2010, and even though he even now has some legal hurdles to climb, the former dealer said that he at first frightened Rozay.

In a current interview, Freeway Rick Ross explained that when he very first filed his lawsuit against Rozay, the rapper was initially uncertain if the lawsuit would play out on the street. “[He] handled me as if I had done a thing to him. When he first came to me, he didn’t know what position I was going to take, if I was going to send a word out to these young cats out in L.A. or not. That put a little fear in his heart,” Freeway Rick Ross mentioned in an interview with the Huffington Post.

According to Freeway, his rapper namesake has acquired some backbone now that he’s been convinced that the former drug dealer is not going to resort to pulling in his connections to the underworld in purchase to pressure Rozay. “Now that he is aware of I’m not carrying it like that, he’s a small far more courageous appropriate now,” mentioned Freeway ahead of adding, “[He] has my title tattooed on his hand.”

The legal battle nearly came to halt in November 2010 when a Federal Court judge ruled that his past criminal acts ruined any claim he had to a trademark on his name. But Freeway soon refilled his claim in a California court and he’s still hoping to push his trademark suit by way of an appeal in the Federal Court, although his lawyers have acknowledged that their greatest likelihood to win $ ten million from the Maybach Music CEO is at the state degree.



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