Chris Brown and Rihanna Becoming Very Close And Friends Don’t Like It!!!

Chris Brown and Rihanna

On Rihanna’s birthday (Feb. 20), the island singer and her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown released the “Cake” and “Turn Up The Music” remixes. The two tracks are the first collaborations they’ve done since their fall out three years ago.

Despite the split between the two, we haven’t forgotten how close the singers were. It seems their friends haven’t either but now feel they should keep the former couple from rebuilding their relationship. With rumors of Rihanna and Chris getting close again, TMZ has reported that both of RihRiha and Chris brown’s close pals are doing whatever they can to keep the two apart.

While the world waits for the two to fully reconnect, we’ve put a gallery of some of their best party photos together. Take a look at the happier moments between Rihanna and Chris from the past.




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