Say It Ain’t So Nicki Minaj Backup Dancer King Tight And Musician Larry Perry Involved With Murder is learning details of a SHOCKING ALLEGATION against one of rap superstar Nicki Minaj’s dancers, and a tour affiliate. The incident happened while Nicki was touring the Asian nation of Japan.

First, let’s be clear. Nicki had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this, and the alleged rapists weren’t even part of her MAIN TOUR TEAM. They were just some low level members of the crew.

James “King Tight” Blackston 23, a backup dancer, and Larry Perry, a 19 year old musician are being charged with RAPE and possibly with MURDER for the death of a 19 year old Irish Exchange student named Nicola Furlong.

No one knows EXACTLY what happened other than those guys . .. but this is what ALLEGEDLY happened. Nicola and a friend met up with King Tight and Larry after the Nicki Minaj concert (which we believe King Tight was working). Well the girls were very drunk after the concert and decided to go home with King Tight and Larry. One girl went with King Tight, and Nicola went with Larry.

Nicole ended up being STRANGLED TO DEATH and early reports say that a sexual act was performed on her corpse. At the time she was alone in the room with Larry.

We are going to keep our eye on this story!


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