Some One Please Call 911 Brian Mcknight @ItsBMcknight Is Shooting At Chris Brown @ChrisBrown

Wow we never thought this would happen but it did, Brian Mcknight is putting it out there for the world to see that he truly does not care how people take this, Sorry Chris Brown fans but don’t get down Chris does not take these shots sitting down ( well maybe, no one knows if he was sitting actually when he tweeted back). Below you can clearly see Brian Mcknight came fully loaded.




So Brian Mcknight states that he was not throwing shots directly at Chris Brown, Brian McKnight@ItsBMcKnight

“I meant no disrespect to anyone I was merely pointing out that In today’s society anything goes and WE Are all to blame the end”.

So sitting back and looking at where Brian Mcknight was clearly trying to take this we do agree as a society we do accept any and everything, we are just saying he could have use better choice of words to make a statement with. We hope that you and Chris Brown can patch things up this is a unnecessary beef because of poor choice of words. Fix It Brian!


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