Did Driicky Graham ( @driickygraham ) Take Lil Tae’s ( @LilTae_SoSwagg ) Tattoos N SnapBacks Concept???

Now we are just looking around on the web let’s be honest youtube and we run across Driicky Graham’s video Snapbacks & Tattoos, well while listening to the track a light bulb goes off hey Lil Tae from Baltimore came out with a song called Tattoos N SnapBacks so ironic right well it is. We are not saying that Driicky Graham took the concept we are letting the people decide on that what we are saying is hey Driicky hit us up let’s sit down and get the story on why and How Snapbacks & Tattoos. We are also interested in what you feel post your comments and stay tuned we are going to get the true story behind this one, Hey Lil Tae hit us up. Both Video’s are below.

Driicky Graham – SnapBacks & Tattoos

Lil Tae – Tattoos N SnapBacks