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Trae Tha Truth and T.I.’s Reps Talk Alliance


On Feb. 29, veteran Houston rapper      Trae     Tha Truth appeared on MTV’s ”      RapFix Live” with chart-topping Atlanta     rapper Clifford ”      T.I.” Harris to announce a new     partnership between Trae’s ABN Entertainment and T.I.’s Grand     Hustle Entertainment. According to Trae (born Frazier Thompson     III), there had been a steady build toward the alliance, which     was solidified in Orlando, Fla., during the NBA’s All-Star     Weekend, where the MTV clip was filmed.


“Me and Tip been cool for years, but we never even really     chopped it up on music,” Trae says of the seeds of the     partnership. “I did a verse for [Grand Hustle artist]      B.o.B‘s ‘How ‘Bout Dat,’ and     [B.o.B manager] B. Rich wasn’t as familiar with me, and I think     when he started doing his research it kind of brought him a     little excitement. It started making sense.”


“We’ve been following Trae for a long time,” says Grand     Hustle co-CEO Jason Geter, adding that although the label is     excited about working with Trae, the ink isn’t dry just yet.     “We look forward to making it official.”


Among details still to be ironed out is how exactly new     releases will appear under the partnership-Grand Hustle has a     non-exclusive joint venture with Atlantic Records, where T.I.     is also signed as an artist. Trae self-released his most recent     project, “Street King,” last year through ABN Entertainment     with distribution by Fontana. Still, Trae says he’s already     energized.


“I feel motivated to work harder than I’ve ever worked     before,” says Trae, who made his chart debut in 2004 with “Same     Thing Different Day,” a four-disc set released by G-Maab that     peaked at No. 51 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums     chart. “This will take a little pressure off of me, so I can     focus on being an artist.”


Grand Hustle’s B. Rich sees the strategic partnership as     offering the same promise. “Trae manages himself,” he says.     “We’re just trying to get him in the studio with some top-notch     producers, so he can focus on making even better music.”


According to B. Rich, the deal is one more step in Grand     Hustle “bouncing back” from T.I.’s spate of legal troubles     during the past few years. In March 2008, T.I. pled guilty to     weapons charges stemming from a 2007 arrest. He served seven     months in relation to that charge, then spent an additional 10     months in prison after violating terms of his probation in     2010. He was released in August.


Trae Tha Truth has sold more than 300,000 units as a solo     artist, according to Nielsen SoundScan. “Street King” peaked at     No. 23 on the Rap Albums chart and No. 38 on Top     R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, selling 13,000. He’s prepping the March     27 release of the ABN Renegadez “Welcome 2 the Streets.” Grand     Hustle won’t play a role in that release.



T.I. Exclusively Previews New Album ‘Trouble Man,’       Talks Next Single


T.I., meanwhile, is putting the finishing touches on his     upcoming eighth solo album, “Trouble Man,” the last under his     contract with Atlantic.