Lil Wayne Denied Access To The Thunder Dome

“We finally know why James Harden was such a liability during Games 3 & 4 in LA. Apparently, rap sensation Lil Wayne was in attendance with his lady friend, Trina. This particular lady friend, Trina, is also sleeping with Harden, so seeing his squeeze with someone superior in every way definitely messed with his game. Harden took it a step further and requested that NBA security no longer allow Lil Wayne to any Thunder games.”


@BigSteveGee Brings You #BlockTalkVol4

He’s done it again, Big Steve Gee brings you #BlockTalkVol4, one of the hardest working Dj’s out right now bringing you more heat for you to rock out to. Based out of Canada he has made a name for himself with dropping more mixtapes in a month and breaking more tracks than others. Little do most realize Dj’s have been spinning a lot of his mixes in their very own play list. #BlockTalkVol4 is bringing you a host of various artist from Meek Mill to Wale. Being Part of @BiggaRankin @CoolRunnningDj’s he has become a force to be recking with.



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Lil Wayne and Mountain Dew will team up for a synergistic, advertising partnership entitled DEWeezy, complete with advertisements, appearances and the building of a skate park in Lil Wayne’s hometown of New Orleans. While full details will be announced at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Conference and Festival, the DEWeezy campaign has already begun buzzing on social media sites with images of the iconic artist appearing in the form of street art and painted murals. Overseen by Blueprint Group and produced by GLU Agency, the campaign, driven by social responsibility and giving back, emphasizes the importance of successful private-public partnerships. Blueprint Group worked closely with Glu Agency to expand the partnership into a full scale campaign, anchored in Lil Wayne’s touring presence and outside interests including skateboarding and the rebuilding of New Orleans…

“We are excited to partner Lil Wayne’s brand with a brand like Mountain Dew, a household name. Representatives from the Glu Agency approached us with the idea over a year ago, which was surprising to us because corporate America is often very conservative and Lil Wayne is a unique artist,” says Cortez Bryant, co-CEO of Blueprint Group. “However by showing interest in Lil Wayne, both Mountain Dew and the Glu Agency showed us they were forward thinking and valued the impact that Lil Wayne’s brand has had and will continue to have on global pop culture”.

“Lil Wayne and his forward thinking manager, Cortez Bryant of Blueprint Group, were an obvious choice for us,” says Derek Jackson, Founder & CEO of Glu Agency. “Mountain Dew is an iconic, cutting edge lifestyle brand and we could not think of a better merger than with a superstar such as Lil Wayne who is constantly pushing the envelope through his music and celebrity. I was really excited that Brett O’Brien, Vice President Marketing, Mountain Dew and Flavors, had the foresight and vision to make this amazing collaboration come to fruition. What we have created is not your average advertising campaign, it’s all based around cultural iconics. We don’t build brands, we build icons. Additionally, philanthropic and social responsibility is the unwavering core of this vision.”

The announcement of this agreement comes on the heels of what can only be described as a banner year for the hip hop icon. In 2011, Lil Wayne was recognized as a global touring force with his blockbuster tour I Am Still Music Tour coming to a triumphant close after 78 shows across Africa, Australia and North America. The three continent amphitheatre and arena tour ultimately grossed $47million USD making Lil Wayne one of music’s top earning touring acts.

DMX Has Some Candid Words For Jay-Z, Rick Ross & Drake


DMX hit up Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club morning program, where he had some interesting perspectives on some of todays biggest names. During the interview he spoke about some still sour feelings toward Jay-Z. “At first you retire..then get me off the label and now you’re back rapping again.”

Hov wasn’t the only artist X touched upon, when asked about Rozay he stated, “He’s ight man…He talks about eating and girlfriends too much. How much can a ni**a eat? How much weed can you smoke?…I see a whole other side of the coin son.”

Last but not least on the dart board was YMCMB’s Drake, “I don’t like anything about Drake. I don’t like his f**king voice…I don’t like his face…I don’t like the way he walks…” Woah just when Drake was done dodging shots from Common a whole other beast pops up in DMX. Response?

Check out the interview to see who DMX is impressed by, some stories from DJ Envy and plenty more. To much to take in this AM… welcome to the afternoon.


Catch The interview with DMX Here 1609374