@IAmMaliahMichel Give The Fellas Morning Wood

Fellas Maliah Michel knows how to keep her name in the media, yesterday she posted another picture on twitter ( @IAmMaliahMichel ) showing all assets enjoy you pervs!


TipDrill Update

We reported earlier this week that a well known Miami Stripper Named TipDrill fell on her head during a performance

Miami-based stripper Tip Drill, known throughout the city as one of the best performers on-stage, made headlines over the weekend, following an incident at Miami’s King Of Diamonds strip club where she was seriously injured.

She is known for her death-defying signature entrance, where she emerges from the ceiling, sliding all the way down a pole before landing on her legs. As initial reports indicated, she fell off a pole over the weekend while performing, and was in serious condition.

Now, we’ve got some updates.

Tip Drill surfaced on Twitter on Wednesday (February 22), giving her nearly 26,000 followers updates on her status.

The stripper said she fell from 30 ft. high, but didn’t specify how she landed. Previous reports said she landed on her head, but those have been denied. Tip Drill also said she’s still hospitalized and in serious pain — saying it’s a “30 minute process” to go to the bathroom — but is on the road to recovery.

“I had a traumatic fall from 30ft. Not quite there, but on my way to recovery,” she tweeted (@OrigTipDrill). “Everytime I just sit n think about the fall I cry although I don’t remember it I just know what it caused me

“In pain but Im happy,” she later added.

According to fellow stripper/good friend Skrawberry, Tip is scheduled to undergo surgery next week, and is expected to make a full recovery. Specifics about the surgery were unknown.

“Can’t wait til Monday when she get her surgery so the healin process can start,” Skrawberry wrote on Twitter (@Skraw_Berry).

Tip Drill also revealed that after healing, she will give up stripping.

“Just 2 let everyone know I have no interest in dancing nemore I will not be a dancer my time has cum n expired thanks 2 every1 who supported,” she said.